Icon of style

Ann Golub Art
Painting "Icon of style" size 90x90x4 cm is made of oil and part of the picture is covered with a thin layer of gold.
This picture is about the fact that now society consumes a lot of a variety of things and completely forgot about spirituality. I urge you to be conscious of consumption and think more about each other, about your family. The woman in my paintings is an image of harmony and spirituality.

Delivery may be slightly reduced or increased in value. It depends on the packaging of the picture, for example, it can be removed from the stretcher and sent in a tube, then it will be cheaper. Or send on a stretcher in a box. If this is important to you, then write to me before buying, so that we can accurately determine the price.

lwh: 900x900x40 mm

Weight: 5000 g

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