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Ann Golub
A contemporary artist whose works are written in the style of expressionism and realism. He likes to create works on canvas with oil and mixed media using acrylic and pastels.

All exhibitions and awards
big art work for interior, oil painting
Icon of style, 90x90x4 cm
oil on canvas, gold potal, 2022
art painting oil on canvas, big art work for interior
Look Inside, 90x90x4 cm
Oil on a canvas, 2022
Купить картину у художника, картина для кухни, натюрморт с айвой. Художник Анна Голубь, Москва
Still life with a quince
Mixed media, 48х60 cm, paper, acrylic, pastel, 2021
Russian Art Award in the New Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
Moscow, Krymskiy Val st., 10
As a part of the Russian Art Award, the Arts Forum will be held, including a number of discussion platforms, lectures and master classes.
Feel free to contact me
Ann Golub
Contemporary artist of original paintings
Phone: +79689610903
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